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          Many of your moods and emotions arise from some degree 

          of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in relationships.  Perhaps you  

          have been disappointed by your partner.  Maybe your child lied  

          to you.  Or your boss got on your case or you were the beneficiary

          of someone's road rage or an event you've been looking forward

          to was cancelled.




                          On the other hand, maybe your neighbor handed you a gas card

                     for errands you ran for her.  Maybe your friend's cancer is finally

                   in remission.  Or your kid presented you with an all-A report card. 

             Perhaps you were given tickets to a concert that sold out months ago.  

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Emotions can also be integrally related to connections

that do not involve human relationships.  

Life is full of non-tangible connections and conditions that directly affect us:

beliefs, convictions, family background, desires, finances, personal

history, goals, ethics, morals, selfhood, medical concerns, religion, politics, etc.

The ways in which we perceive, process and respond to them and their influences

can significantly affect our mental and emotional well-being.

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My professional mission is to help you increase self-awareness,

develop helpful perspectives, and help you to create tools to

navigate the connections in your life wholly and healthfully.

We will utilize a collaborative, honest, and supportive framework.

Allow yourself to take steps toward mental and emotional fitness.

While the work of therapy can be difficult at times, it is typically

far easier than carrying around unresolved pain or stuckness.

If you would like help, my door is open to you.     


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