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People often say, “This world is becoming crazier every day!”  While that seems to be true from
local to global, the level of chaos within does not have to rival that which besieges us.  Truth is,
we need to learn to manage ourselves in healthful ways despite The Crazy of life.
Optimal mental, emotional, and relational health help us develop into better versions of ourselves.  Identifying resources for growth, enhancing authenticity, honesty, perspective, self-awareness, strengths, and vulnerability can facilitate confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Therapy can help you with struggles like depression, anxiety, and trouble adjusting to change. 
It can also gain you with help in making a decision, setting goals, support, or improving a good relationship.  Therapy is even useful in boosting already-good relationships!


I am eager to be part of your journey as you improve your
quality of life via individual therapy or relational therapy
with a spouse, partner, child, parent, or sibling,
and will and seek to build rapport, collaborate,
challenge, and support you as
                                                        you make desired changes.
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                                        Gwendolyn Whelpley, MA, LMFT, NCC    

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