•           In working with Gwendolyn, you will have opportunity to examine your

  •           current mental health and identify obstacles to satisfying emotional, mental,

  •           and relational well-being. You may then develop a practical vision for working

  •            toward your goals with therapist support and feedback.                                                                                                                                                  

  •      A blend of therapies may be utilized, including     

  • cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based cognitive,     

  • acceptance and commitment, person-centered,     

  • reality, and solution-focused brief therapies.     




  • Gwendolyn enjoys working with couples, individual adults, and

    adolescents (age 15+) concerning anxiety, career matters,

  • divorce, grief/loss, life changes, pre-marital and marital counseling,

    communication skills, coping skills, decision making, depression,

  • relationships, relational conflict, self-esteem deficits, and stress.


  • Gwen's specialty is helping clients gain insight into how they

  • perceive, process, and respond to various types of influences,

  • offering alternative ways in which they can evaluate those influences,

  • and supporting them as they appreciate and implement change.


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